Brand Review - Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills products are constantly talked about, a lot of people rave about them so I just had to try some of them myself. I'm going to let you know how I feel about the products and whether I think they are worth the money or not! Hope you enjoy this post!

I bought the dipbrow pomade a few months ago and I got the Glow kit, Contour Kit and Modern Renaissance for christmas! I've had a while to try them out so here's my honest opinion!

Glow Kit - Sweets
I was wary of getting the glow kit at first, how good could a highlight possibly be? It got raved about absolutely everywhere you looked and now I know why! I would definitely recommend this glow kit 100000%! I've tried every colour in this kit and they all work so well on my skin tone, they're so so so pigmented! But they don't make you look like a glittery mess, this is what I was wary of! You just look so glowy with poppin highlight!!

Modern Renaissance
Everyone and their mum knows about this palette, it is so popular!! It is by far one of my favourite palettes I own, it is so so so pigmented!!! There are so many different colour combinations and eye looks you could do with this palette. The shades are so buttery and so easy to blend! I think i've literally used this palette everyday since I bought it!

Contour kit - Light to Medium
When I opened this palette I was a bit shocked, the powders are a lot smaller than I thought they was / how they looked on youtube & pictures. The product is amazing, they blend well and are very pigmented! The kit also includes a mini highlight (top right) as well as a setting powder and banana powder, it's like the perfect on the go powder kit!!

Dipbrow Pomade - Medium Brown
This is amazing, it lasts all day, it's waterproof, it makes your brows look amazing, it's so easy to apply, the list goes on! The only problem I had is that with it being waterproof it's quite hard to remove (you have to use a cleansing oil/ oil based product) so if you make a mistake, it's game over! Other than that, I would recommend it!

So, that's what I think of the ABH products I have tried, Have you tried any?
Let me know what you thought of them in the comments!!
Hope this was helpful!
Love, Melissa X

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  1. I want the modern renaissance palette so bad. It looks beautiful! I have the dipbrow pomade, probably the best eyebrow product I've used and my brows look amazing. However, I agree with it being hard to remove and clean up if you make a mistake! lovely post girly x

    sami |