Worth The Hype? Kylie Cosmetics! & A Makeup Look!

So if you read my Kylie Cosmetics Haul you'll know I was so excited to create a look with all these products and review them properly! When I swatched all of the shades onto my arm they looked so pigmented and pretty, I was so excited to see how they came out on my eyelid and with me using a brush, especially the glitter shades!

Look at how pretty all those colours are!!

"Main squeeze" - bottom glitter shade
"Sweet thing" - top peachy shade
both from 'Kiss Me' mini kit.

"Love Letter" - bottom champagne glitter
"baby" - top coral shade
both from 'Sweetheart" mini kit

(From top to bottom)
Bae, HeartBreaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion.

(From top to bottom)
Sweet like candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance

(From top to bottom)
Romance, Loves Me Not, First Date (blush), Virginity (blush).
See! Look how pigmented and pretty they look, especially 'Bae' the lilac glitter!

Next, the ones I was most excited for, lip kits!! 
I got six mini mattes in the collection, I also got two more mini mattes and two glosses from the mini kits, as well as my candy k lip kit!

(From left to right)
Candy K Liner, Candy K, Mary Jo K, Head Over Heels, Dolce K, 
Maliboo, Posie K, High Maintenance, Dirty Peach and Apricot!

Top - Poppin' Gloss
Bottom - Literally Gloss

I was quite impressed from all the swatches on my hand, they seemed so pigmented and I loved the colours. The blushes weren't that pigmented but I expected that as obviously you don't want your blush as pigmented as your eyeshadow.

For this makeup look I wanted to try and do something different as the last look I did was quite pink, you can see that here! But I ended up using burgundy again so it ended up quite pink haha!
I started by running 'loves me not' through my crease and then blended it out in my outer corner. I then took 'heart eyes' and went over the first shade to add more purple tones to it. I then went back with 'love me not' and blended that from the outer v towards the centre of my eyelid! I then used 'Make Me Blush' over that to add some glitter.

Finally I took 'Bae' and put that in the inner corner of my eyelid. I didn't like the abrupt difference in the centre of my eyelid so I took 'Love potion' and blended the two shades together.
I then finished the rest of my face and used 'Bae' and 'Heart eyes' on my lower lash line!

I was very impressed with the pigmentation of these eyeshadows, they blended a lot easier than I thought they would and the colour pay off was fab! The only shade I wasn't impressed with was 'Make Me Blush' all of the other glitter shades are really butters and have amazing colour pay off but this one doesn't, the glitter feels separate from the actual eyeshadow. I don't like it!

I used the 'Virginity' blush and 'Posie K' on my lips!
I am so disappointed in the blush, there is no pigmentation when it goes on your face at all! I put 4 layers of blush on in this shot, 4!! and you can still hardly see it?! very disappointed!
I love 'Posie K' I was very impressed with the lip kits after hearing so many mixed reviews! They're very long lasting and so easy to apply! I didn't find it drying at all, I actually am really impressed with these lip kits!
I also have no idea why I look so orange in the eye shots and then so pale in the full face one hahah!

Have you ever tried Kylie Cosmetics? what do you think of it?
Let me know in the comments!
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  1. Oh wow those lipkits and the eyeshadows look absolutely stunning. SOOO pigmented! It's a shame about the blusher though.

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  2. All the colors look amazing. Like so shiny and pigmented. To bad that blush are not that good. The lip kits do look amazing! I really want to try them out but I still think they are quite expensive! xx C&K

  3. Wow those are all gorgeous!! Look lovely on you! I love the pigmentation... I see her brand everywhere these days and was curious but these swatches are great and give me a good idea of how they'd be live. Thanks for the review!! XX Jen beautylifemom.com

  4. I haven't tried any of Kylie's products yet but still want to try one of her lip kits. Your swatches are lovely by the way!
    -Olivia Xx


  5. The lipkits look amazing I absolutely love the variety of shades! They look like they're amazing quality too x

  6. Love the eye looks you created. I really want to try some Kylie cosmetics

  7. The look you created in so gorgeous!
    Laura x

  8. I am just dying to try these out! The eyeshadow look amazing! And I love what you've created here 💖 I love the colour of Mary Jo K!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  9. The pigment of those shadows look incredible! Beautiful look!

    Terri x

  10. Loved reading this post, always get so tempted into buying these lip kits but I am trying my hardest so I can save. At the moment I have gone for the dupes from NYX, such a dream x


  11. The colors are so pretty and lovely! The look you created is gorgeous as well! I feel like I've read so many mixed reviews on Kylie's products so I'm not sure what to think. The price is what is a turnoff for me for sure. Thanks for sharing! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  12. That look you've created is GORGEOUS GIRL. Those glittery shades are so pigmented and I love the bottom row of shadows! I also DEFINITELY need Head Over Heels

  13. Wow I love your blog Melissa! And you look so beautiful ahh! Those colours look so, so good omg! That palette looks stunning and so do the lip products omg I want it all! Your eye makeup is incredible too! amazing post lovely!

    sami | possiblysami.com

  14. Those eyeshadows look amazing!! I really need to get my hands on these.

    Your beautiful :)



  15. Waauww the colors on your eyes look amazing! So pigmented. Too bad the blush didn't work out. I have yet to try out any of Kylie's cosmetic products but I'm actually so excited for the Kylighters that just dropped. x


  16. I am a huge lover of her Lip Kits, I haven't used any of the eyeshadows, but I've heard amazing things about them! It sucks to hear you weren't a big fan of the blushes. I wonder how her highlighters are! Let me know if you decide to get them xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com

  17. YAASSSS GIRL! Love this! The look is gorgeous, I need this palette! X


  18. I'd love to try more of Kylie's cosmetics but I just can't justify the price of them. the make up look you have done is stunning though. great post.
    HAYLEY ♥ Wear A Halo

  19. These are all great picks! The products look absolutely gorgeous on you! :D