20 things before i'm 20!

Recently, the lovely Lauren from Loulabelle Rose done a post about 20 things she aims to do before she turns 20 and I absolutely loved the idea! I love the idea of giving yourself 20 little goals to achieve, however big or small you like! So i've set myself a range of different things to achieve before I turn 20!

Life Update!

Okay so this was supposed to be my April roundup post, as I had every intention of getting back into blogging at the start of May but that didn't happen! Since we're now halfway through May, I thought I should probably update you all on my life and why I disappeared from my blog for a few weeks. This past month has been very weird. There has been a lot of ups and downs and not a lot of blog posts!
I lost a lot of motivation for a lot of things, my blogs been all over the place and so has my health! But I've made some fun memories and learnt some lessons, so lets go!